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The Art of True Light Empowers Dental Art 7/22/06

Aloha, my name is Ron Carlson and I have been practicing dental surgery for 37 years. On being introduced to the Art of True Light late one afternoon in March of 1989, Friday the 13th to be specific, I never conceived of the possibilities that would be forthcoming from this so-called “chance encounter” with God’s Light. As a Neo-Christian, one who thought I knew the shortcomings of various sects of Christianity and religious philosophy, especially the Lutheran Church, I was open to other understandings of who God is and how He operates in our lives, which allowed me to embrace this new experience.

As I received Divine Light that day I had two immediate experiences that shall forever be with me: First, while my eyes were closed receiving God’s Light to my forehead from a member, I saw an eight-spoke wheel turning into sixteen spokes, shining golden in color in a sea of radiant blue. Some weeks later I saw this symbol in a Sukyo Mahikari Magazine, which was the symbol of the Divine Emblem. Secondly, after that evening session, I returned home and slept peacefully, which I had not done in years. I did not have insomnia, but a general restlessness and foreboding always hovered over me while I slept. Thanks to the Light, this apprehension completely stopped after one session.

I was guided to receive every day for two weeks and that I didn’t have to believe anything in the process, just receive the Light of God. I was also told that I didn’t have to change my religion or other practices, just receive the Light of God consistently and follow my experience. Being willing and curious, I set out a challenge to prove to myself that the Light either worked or it didn’t.

My right shoulder was chronically sore due to my work as a dentist and strenuous physical activity—up to that date, I had done four Ironman races and still carried on a challenging workout schedule every day. In just 10 days, my inability to move my right shoulder disappeared. As I touched the area, which before receiving Light would have me bellowing out “Ooooweeee”, I noticed that the feeling had returned to normal. A miracle!

As I continued to receive God’s Light, I mused to myself, “What a wonderful practice this is and how wonderful it would especially be to alleviate the pain and suffering for my patients.” I asked how I could learn to give this Light of God. Eagerly a member explained to me that I could take the Primary Course, and after learning the Heavenly Prayer and receiving the Divine Pendant, I could practice the Art of True Light and save others.

I did just what was suggested. I was able to set aside my preconceived notions, my prejudices, and my arrogant “I know everything about everything,” intellectual attitude and began the practice of the Art of True Light on August 20, 1989 after completing the Primary Course.

So what has been my experience?
Thoughts ran through my head: How shall I do it? How do I incorporate this practice of the Art of True Light in my dental practice? What are my first steps? Should I really do this? Will my patients think I am crazy? Am I crazy? Will I destroy my practice with this new approach, driving patients, friends and family away? Will people misunderstand and think I am pressuring them to receive the Light of God? Will God understand?

“Oh ye of little faith” rattled through my mind. Fortunately I didn’t have to do a thing, but trust God. Easy to say, hard to do when one has been trained in the ultimate art of control, dentistry. Every thing we do in the mouth, from cleaning teeth to oral surgery is done with an eye on stabilizing our hand motion with our fingers, with what we call a “rest position.” This is the first teaching in dental school; one must first find a fulcrum or rest position for the work. I quickly noticed that by saying the prayer before working helped me to steady my hand and not be easily distracted by minor glitches and sounds.

About a month after I received the Primary Course, September 30, 1989, a patient from Maui asked me, “Ron…can you replace my missing tooth with a fixed bridge without cutting my teeth?” My automatic-brain-response was “No!” Then…slowly my voice said, “Well…Joseph, if you are willing to experiment with me, we can attempt something that to my knowledge has not been done before and we’ll both see if it works.” It was as if my hand was guided to create a bridge in his mouth, not knowing what would happen next. The reason I relate this story to you is that one of the fundamental teachings of God through the Holy Founder Mr. Okada that is related in the Primary Course is, “Everything in Heaven and on Earth is the Voice of God.” I must admit, however, that my realization of God working in my dental practice through others did not come until many years later.

Fortunately the procedure that I did for Joseph, whom I brought to the Mahikari Center for God’s Light later that day, worked brilliantly for many years. I was able to create a new type of bridge for him that lasted for many years. And, upon this foundation, for the next five years, I worked diligently to perfect the process.

By 1995 I had moved far enough along in research and development of direct light composite bridges to begin a patent process. With the help of a fellow practitioner of God’s Light, I filed the first of two patents in 1996, which was granted in November 1999 and the second filed in 1998 was granted in October 2001. The purpose of patenting was not to preclude others from doing what I had learned to do, but to the contrary, to make public the process, validating the workability of the process as an alternative to other methods of tooth replacement that are very invasive, time consuming, harmful and expensive.

In February 1998 Popular Mechanics did a small article with my photographs in their magazine calling the process the “No-Grind Dental Bridge.” One year later, in February 1999, a major dental trade journal, Dentistry Today, published my first article about this method and philosophy of non-invasive dental bridging called “Breakthrough Bridgework: the Biological Dental Bridge.” And, in July 2003, the Journal of American Academy of General Dentistry published my article titled “Dental Artistry.”

Subsequently, I was granted the trademark Carlson Bridge® in March 2005. This was done not for me personally, but for my patients and the Carlson family lineage, in honor of our Great Parent God. And just last month, July 2006, I was informed that my article on the Immediate Carlson Bridge® will be published in the dental journal Dentistry Today October 2006, outlining a further development of Carlson Bridge® Technologies. As I reflect over the past 17 years of my life, which I have done my best to keep grounded in God’s Light, I see God’s interwoven breath working in my Life.

Today in my practice, I offer God’s Light without hesitation. The first action in my office before I begin the day is to offer Spiritual Purification with God’s purifying energy to my office and surrounding areas. Patients often remark upon entering the office of how peaceful, beautiful and calm the atmosphere is. God’s Light works!

Long time patients who come for their appointments ask, “May I receive God’s Light before we begin?” I respond, “Yes, of course you may…and thank you for asking me!” I sense that patients know the soothing and joy filled effect of the Divine Light, and that it calms me too; so I can remain focused for the hours it takes to create the Carlson Bridge® in their mouth.

It is very rare for me now to have conflict with patients or to have results that are other than wonderful. The Divine Light not only calms, but it also allows me to make judicious choices regarding treatment objectives. Things always work out brilliantly for both the patient and me. When patient and doctor are in harmony, the awesome results are infused with God’s Light.

No matter how a dentist prepares his practice, he will always be confronted with the unexpected. Like anyone else, during an operation, something can happen to unnerve a dental practitioner like me, such as a broken root tip during a surgical extraction in an area close to vital structures, a fearful patient losing control, or a patient who literally shuts down with cessation of heartbeat and consciousness.

Fortunately, I have been allowed to learn and practice immediately asking for God’s guidance, offering the Heavenly Prayer behind my face mask, softly, radiating God’s Light with my eyes. Miracles have occurred many times in oral surgery, removing teeth. Once a root tip that had separated from a shattered lower molar tooth, which I had been probing with some difficulty with an instrument, popped out and hit me in the forehead the very moment I began the Heavenly Prayer…”Gokubi Jisso, gen gen shikai…” pop, out it flew!

On another occasion, several years ago, I neglected to offer God’s Light to a male person after a challenging surgical extraction due to time constraints. The next day, at the follow up visit, his jaw was clearly swollen and he was in severe pain. The moment I say his swollen condition, I realized this was due to not taking time to offer the Light. Recently, this gentleman had a similarly difficult extraction on the same side, and after giving him Divine Light for ten minutes, he showed no swelling the next day at our follow up appointment and was without pain. The difference was truly amazing!

Patients will have little or no swelling or don’t need to take painkillers or antibiotics after a surgical procedure or tooth extraction whenever I give Light as I am working. This has not only happened one time, but on many occasions where a very complex situation was miraculously made simple, and the patient was relieved as well. Every time I knew it was God’s Hand working mine…and thankful I am for that!

It would be easy for me to go on with my experiences, relating God’s Light working in my dental practice; but, for now I encourage all of us to open our minds and hearts to the possibility of God’s Possibility, for, I have learned that, “With God, all things are possible!”

I appreciate greatly the opportunity to share with you the miracles of God’s Light through the Art of True Light. I can sincerely say that I have received so much joy and satisfaction in my profession and my life through this gift of spiritual purification. Thank you so very much!

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