Bad Breath

A bad breath is a social deterrent for many people, and can be stressful for teenagers in particular who find that peers may bully them or avoid them altogether.

Part of the problem with smelly breath syndrome is that the smells aren’t noticeable to the owner or host, because of the fact that that people in general become accustomed to recurring smells, so the host of bad breath may walk around clueless about how smelly their breath is, and peers who don’t want to make themselves or the host feel uncomfortable, may avoid telling the host about their smelly breath.

How would you feel if you were walking around with smelly breath and people were sneakily avoiding being near you?

Thankfully there are many remedies for smelly breath, MEMS bad breath detector also known as “Kiss Me Meter” can tell you if your breath will smell to third parties if they come close to you.

Using a bad breather detector like the MEMS can help you identify if you have bad breath, it can also help to have trustworthy friends who will give you an honest opinion on your breath. The breath report is also a useful tool in helping you narrow down on possible causes of bad breath, whether it due to poor oral hygiene or incompatible choice of foods or other exercise and hydration issues that may be giving you poor smelling breath.