Best thing for teething baby

What’s the Best Thing for a Teething Baby?

Every new parent goes through the same sleepless nights while their baby is cutting teeth – but what’s the best thing to for a teething baby? What can you give them to soothe the process, help it along and maybe even soothe the pain? We put together this article in order to find out.

Signs your Baby is Teething

Every baby grows their deciduous teeth before the age of three. A full set comprises some 20 teeth (NHS) – all of which are grown in those first few precious years of life. The process of ‘teething’ simply means that your baby is growing their first teeth – but unfortunately it can lead to pained, irritated gums and a pained and irritated baby.

Some of the signs your baby may be teething don’t even happen in their mouth. A slightly raised temperature due to lack of sleep and lack of appetite is not uncommon, nor is crying or biting. Children bite and suck on things more when they are teething instinctively, as this helps wear away the itchy, painful top layer of skin which those new teeth are desperately trying to push through.

According to Diaper specialist Pampers the symptoms of teething include:

• Biting, chewing and drooling more than normal.
• Difficulty sleeping or up during the night more than usual.
• Rash around the mouth or a raised temperature sometimes known as ‘teething fever’.
• A bad temper or ear pulling – babies may pull on their ears to try and relieve the pain in their jaw.

Baby Teething Remedies

Every culture across the world has its own method of supporting and treating a teething baby. From the best medicine for teething babies to traditional folklore – there are some strange and wonderful remedies out there.

The Mayo Clinic advises using a clean finger or damp gauze to rub the gums to help the teeth cut the surface. Cooling items also help to soothe the area, so something like a metal spoon is perfect since metal contains natural antibacterial properties. Scientists also recommend introducing hard food to the baby’s diet to promote tooth eruption.

When it comes to the best medicine for a teething baby you can try some homeopathic medications. Topical gels can help and rubber teething toys are available specifically to help those teeth come through quickly. For more inspiration on how to treat your teething baby to a remedy or medicine you should see this article by Made for Mums, which looks at the effectiveness of a variety of different methods and medications.

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So what’s the best thing for a teething baby? A parent willing to sacrifice everything to keep them pain free! Don’t forget to bookmark us and return for all your oral health questions and, in the meantime, good luck with the teething process!

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