Chronic bad breath is also known as halitosis, and is an embarrassing social inhibitor for anyone who unfortunately happens to suffer from it. Unfortunately one of the problems with chronic bad breath is that no matter how much you floss, brush and rinse it never seems to be able to permanently, and completely remove your bad breath so that you can get on with your social life.

It can happen to anyone, and at any time. It has completely ruined the love life of many couples who were unable to hug each other, or even talk to each other face to face, let alone kiss. And you can bet that it can put a complete stop to any new romantic pursuits.

Thankfully you aren’t completely at loss for a solution and there is a way to cure your chronic bad breath. The bad breath report can help you get rid of your bad breath and allow you to stop being paranoid and worry about running out of gum.

One of the problems with dealing with chronic bad breath is the fact that most dentists are only trained to deal with teeth and gum health, and often bad breath is seen as a “afterthought” or “cosmetic flaw”, and because of that the typical oral hygiene methods prescribed by dentists such as brushing and flossing fall short of dealing with bad breath.

5 Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

Had breath can creep up on anyone and it’s useful to take preventative measures to stop the onset of bad breath. After all bad breath can put your social and love life in disarray as people mock you for your smelly breath behind your back.

Preventing bad breath is easily done as long as you take adequate measures and follow a strict oral hygiene regime to stop the onset of bad breath.

Prevent Bad Breath Tip 1: Brush your teeth and floss

It goes without saying, brushing your teeth and flossing should be the absolute basic step you take, make sure you brush thoroughly for at least 3 minutes per session, twice a day. Pay special attention to covering the whole teeth and the gums. Flossing is mandatory at least once a day for fresh breath and basic oral hygiene.

Prevent Bad Breath Tip 2: Scrape Your Tongue

Your dentist may not have told you this, because their job is to look after your teeth, and not sort out your breath. But the no.1 cause of smelly actually comes from the tongue. The tongue harbours all sorts of food debris and bacteria, and after it builds up can react with VSCs and create bad smelling breath. Using a tongue scraper like the orabrush can help eradicate this excess build up that’s causing the smells.

Prevent Bad Breath Tip 3: Mouthwash and Gargle

With the teeth, gums, and tongue covered, it’s important to cover the other areas, such as under your tongue, on the roof of your mouth and far back inside your mouth. Swirl some mouthwash around your mouth for around one minute, and then gargle on salt-water, it’s important to not use mouthwash as there is a risk of swallowing it, salt-water has good anti-bacterial properties and is good enough for gargling with.

Prevent Bad Breath Tip 4: Avoid Smelly Foods

Foods like garlic, onions, some meats, eggs can cause smelly breath, you can prevent that by limiting your food intake for these. If you can’t do without any of them, then just try to do without garlic, garlic reacts to the human body pretty badly as far as smells are concerned and can be problematic, however garlic is very good for you. If you avoid garlic in your diet, then make sure you take garlic supplements, which have the smell producing chemical removed.

Prevent Bad Breath Tip 5: Stay Hydrated

It’s worth bearing in mind that “dry mouth” can be quite smelly as food debris tend to smell worse when there is a lack of saliva in the mouth. Stay hydrated and aim to get your 8 glasses a day average.

I hope these tips are enough for you to help you prevent bad breath, if you need more tips consider reading up on the bad breath report, I found it very useful in helping me get over my bad breath issues.

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