Do baby teeth have roots?

Do Baby Teeth Have Roots and Nerves?

We all know how horrible it is to see our children in pain – and toothache is one of the worst kinds they can suffer… but do those baby teeth have roots and nerves? We examined the issue to find out exactly how sympathetic we should be for the little tykes when their teeth start to ache…Read on to find out more.

Do Baby Teeth have roots?

To answer this we turned to the experts over at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry. Children and adult teeth are a little different after all! Baby teeth are similar to adults in material composition – but with a few subtle differences. The baby tooth is able to move across the jaw when a neighboring tooth falls out, thus causing other teeth in the mouth to move. However – the main difference is in the root system!

All teeth have a root canal. This is the central passage in the tooth that allows blood, oxygen and other vital elements into the tooth. When a baby tooth falls out it is usually because the true root of the tooth (which is housed in the jawbone) has contracted and disintegrated away to allow room for the more permanent adult teeth to grow in.

So yes, baby teeth do have roots while they are in the mouth, even though they don’t usually have them when they fall out.

Can you perform a root canal on baby teeth?

According to Pediatric Dentist Orlando the answer is yes – and sometimes it is essential! Occasionally inflamed or infected roots of baby teeth can cause severe pain for your child, which can be fixed with endodontic treatment. The dentist will resort to this if a ‘crucial’ tooth is infected – a crucial tooth being one whose absence would negatively impact the formation or structure of adult teeth.

Do baby teeth have Nerves?

All teeth have nerves – both adult and baby. This can be evidenced by the pain both adults and children feel when they experience a cavity.

My baby is Teething – what about pain relief?

Baby teething pain relief is a serious issue. The infant is too small for most conventional medications. The Mayo Clinic recommends rubbing your baby’s gums with moistened dental gauze to help the teeth erupt. A cooled spoon or chilled teething ring as well as some over the counter remedies can all be used to aid the pain. Luckily it is an experience your child will not remember, so don’t feel too guilty if they cry.

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So now that we know baby teeth do have roots and nerves – and that they can undergo root canal treatment – we hope you are feeling enlightened! Remember – you can bookmark us here at Carlson Biological Dentistry and return to us with all of your dental questions. Until then we wish you good dental health!

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