Root canal treatment is necessary if you have a very deep cavity, severe gum disease, or a serious injury to one of your teeth. Many people find the root canal procedure unpleasant, so it’s best to take action to avoid needing this kind of treatment. Here are some steps you can take to avoid root canal treatment.

Brush Regularly With Fluoride Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth every day can help to scrub away the bacteria that cause cavities. When you brush with a toothpaste that contain fluoride, you give your teeth additional protection against decay. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel, the strong coating that covers healthy teeth. By keeping your enamel strong, you can stop acids produced by oral bacteria eating into the inner parts of your tooth and causing deep decay. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

Have Regular Dental Checkups

Most root canal treatments can be avoided with good dental care. When dentists catch tooth decay in its early stages, they can insert a filling into the tooth to stop the decay spreading into the root. If you skip dental checkups, you could give bacteria a chance to burrow down into the lower parts of your teeth, which increases the chance of needing root canal treatment in the future. See your dentist twice a year for a checkup.

Never Ignore Pain

Toothache and tooth sensitivity can indicate that your enamel is weak and thin. Whether your tooth hurts all the time or only when you bite down on something very hot or very cold, you should see your dentist to find out what is causing the pain. If you catch the problem that is causing the pain early enough, you might be able to avoid root canal treatment. On the other hand, ignoring toothache could lead to a tooth becoming so badly damaged that it has to be removed.

Protect Teeth From Injury

Sometimes, physical damage can damage the root of a tooth, making root canal treatment essential. When playing contact sports such as football or basketball, wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist to make a night guard that you can wear while you sleep. These simple steps can help you avoid needing uncomfortable and expensive dental treatments.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a huge role in dental health. Sweet foods like sugar, fruit juice, candy, and chocolate feed the bacteria that live in your mouth, encouraging them to multiply and secrete acids that damage tooth enamel. Eating a healthy diet, which replaces sugary foods with healthy vegetables, nuts, and unsweetened dairy, can help to keep your teeth healthy and strong.





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