Most people are aghast at the idea of having a ‘baby root canal’ but if the dentist thinks it is necessary then it is for a valid reason. A baby root canal might be vital for the correct placement of adult teeth, for example… whatever the purpose, you will need to know how much the procedure costs and why they are executing it – so read on to find out all you need to know!

Why perform a Root Canal on Baby Teeth?

Both adult teeth and baby teeth are made from the same materials. At the very center – beneath the outer enamel and inner structures, we find the pulp. This is the sensitive part of the tooth that most people think of as ‘the nerve‘ (Very Well Health). When this area becomes infected with plaque, debris or anything else the tooth begins to ache acutely. This can happen whether you are an adult or a child.

Now normally the child’s teeth will fall out on their own as the connective tissue between the pulp and the jaw disintegrates naturally over time. The final eruption of the adult teeth pushing through from underneath the baby teeth is how the milk teeth should normally fall out. It is only if this process has been interfered with and the dentist cannot insert a plastic spacer (Baby Center) that a baby root canal is needed.

When to Perform a Baby Root Canal?

According to Pediatric Dental symptoms which might indicate the need for endodontic treatment include heightened sensitivity of one or more teeth, a sharp pain in one or more teeth or an obviously exposed tooth root. Damage or breakage of the teeth might also require a baby root canal.

Any milk teeth that have their pulp exposed to infection are at risk of (a) falling out, and (b) infecting those around them, leading to further tooth loss. These baby teeth need to stay in place until the adult teeth are ready to erupt; otherwise the baby teeth on either side of the missing tooth will close the gap and leave no room for the adult teeth to come through. Having a root canal to intervene is the best chance of saving your child’s smile!

Baby Root Canal Costs in the USA average between $400 and $1,400 (My Kool Smiles) but the cost in later life of correcting a squinted smile will be a whole lot higher!

Can a Baby Root Canal Fail?

It is possible for any root canal to fail. Similarly to an adult root canal treatment, a baby procedure might suffer from leakage, might be over or under filled, might not be properly sealed or may be in a difficult area that has caused root or nerve exposure. In this case you have two options; you can repeat the procedure and go through a baby root canal re-treatment or you can simply have the tooth pulled.

We appreciate this is a difficult decision for any parent that has a child in pain, you can follow this thread on Mum’s Net to read about other parents who have gone through a similar situation and learn about their outcomes.

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