Root canal re-treatment is need after failed endodontic treatment and might see you forking out after you have already paid to have the problem fixed! We put together this guide as to the costs you can expect after failed root canal treatment, depending on your options.

Why do root canals fail?

You have been in pain and gone for dental treatment. You have been given a root canal – but the root canal treatment pain has been unbearable… something is wrong, you need a re-treatment or an extraction… but why has this happened?

Root canals fail for a variety of reasons, Colgate lists some of them as an unnoticed crack in the root leaving bacteria to get into the wound, decaying or defective materials used in the filling or a missed canal with roots still enclosed. Each of these means you will experience pain after your root canal treatment which can leave you frustrated.

Root canal treatment recovery time is usually minimal and, in most instances, you can expect to return to work within the same day. If something goes wrong you will find working almost impossible as the pain can be fearsome. Not to worry though, if this has happened to you then you still have options…

Average cost of a root canal treatment in the USA = $900-$1,000

Root Canal – Re-treatment or Extraction?

When your root canal treatment causes increasing pain and you return to the dentist he/she will give you two options: a re-treatment or a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction to the uninsured can cost $75-$300 (Member Benefits) while a crown has a whopping average of $300 per single resin structure. If you wish an implant in order to avoid a gap in your tooth after an extraction then expect to pay anything from $1000 to $3000 for one tooth.

Root Canal re-treatment may be an option for those who wish to try the procedure again. This treatment costs anything from the same price as your failed root canal treatment did upwards. Additional medications are used and more time is spent the second time around to ensure the treatment will take, which explains the extra costs.

Root Canal Re-treatment doesn’t have to be frightening and, now that you know the true costs, you won’t find yourself spending more than you should. Please visit us in future if you have any other dentistry questions at Carson Biological Dentistry: the home of dental knowledge!

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