Unbearable Tooth Pain? You just might have a Wisdom Tooth Infection …

What exactly is causing all that pain and what exactly is a ‘wisdom tooth’?

‘Wisdom Tooth’ was simply the name given for these burdensome bones, reason being they tend to only show up as you reach maturity – therefore called ‘Wisdom Teeth’.

Essentially, wisdom teeth are your last set of molars coming in from when you were young. You’ll get one on each side in the back of your mouth, on both the upper and lower jaws,just like your molars came in when you were younger.

So if they are suppose to be there, why do they hurt some people so bad?!

A lot of our mouths aren’t aligned properly, and when these wisdom teeth try to come in, there’s no room for them! What happens then is a lot of pain from the tooth pushing onto your other teeth – this means the tooth is impacted.

An impacted tooth is simply one that can not reach the surface due to blockage. This can actually happen with any tooth, but tends only to happen to wisdom teeth, as they are the last to come in.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Now that you know what a wisdom tooth is, let’s make sure that’s what causing you discomfort.

The main symptoms of a wisdom tooth are as follows:

  • Bad Breath, due to infection/debris building up in the blocked area
  • Tenderness when chewing or biting
  • Pain/sores on the inner cheek, where the sharp parts (called cusps)of the impacted teeth may be digging into the soft tissues of the cheeks.
  • Jaw pain
  • Ear aches, as pain spreads outwards of jaws

If you believe you may have an impacted or infected wisdom tooth, it is best consult with your dentist as soon as possible.

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth pain

Sometimes it takes a LONG time to get to the dentist. Find out about what you can do at home today to alleviate your wisdom tooth pain!

Many people have found success in home remedies to get rid of or ease the pain caused by wisdom teeth. On top of the typical ‘take a Tylenol!’ , try out these tips to help make your wait to the dentist a bit easier.

  • Chew on a slice of raw onion
  • Put Cloves in mouth near pain – these cause a numbing effect. Can also use Clove Powder to apply to gums.
  • 1-2 drops tea tree oil, rubbed into tooth. DO NOT SWALLOW.
  • Gargling luke warm salt water/swishing in mouth
  • Slice of Ginger in mouth(occasionally biting to release juices)
  • Slice of Garlic in mouth (occasionally biting to release juices)
  • Given, though the above remedies may not have you dancing with joyfrom relief – they should help to provide some degree of relief from wisdom tooth pain.

What will the Dentist do about my Wisdom Tooth? How much will it cost?!

Well, you’ve also got to be wondering what the dentist is going to do about your wisdom tooth. The answer is unfortunate, but you should definitely have a heads up.

The dentist will go about fixing your wisdom teeth by doing a routine tooth extraction – or in other words, they will remove your tooth. The procedure will differ from dentist to dentist, but generally you will be getting either:

A) Put under anesthesia


B) Having your mouth numbed with Novacain (local anesthetic).

After that is done, they will remove your tooth and may have you bite down on gauzeas you go home for about 30 minutes. This isto reduce bleeding.

They will probably also tell you that you (if you are a smoker) should not smoke for 24-48 hours as this can cause complications, and a whole lot of pain!

As far as the costs, this also varies by Dentist, and of course the number of wisdom teeth being removed.

Extracting one tooth with local anesthetic reportedly costs between $225-$600 (per tooth).

Extractinga tooth with the aid of a general anesthetic typically adds $250-$800 to the total cost.

How can I prevent problems with my Wisdom Teeth?

For some, there will be nothing you can do – there simply isn’t enough space in there! For others, following good hygiene practices such as flossing the area around your wisdom tooth, brushing your teeth and using mouthwash can help prevent any issues arising from your Wisdom Teeth.

Just remember – You can do this!

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